Tinnitus App - testers required

Dear community,

I have had tinnitus for 16 years. For those of you just starting with this condition I send you my full support!. My struggle has been hard and have had some very dark days, but I decided just two years ago that I needed something to help me cope better. With that in mind I have developed - and am still fine tuning a Masking App that I can use for every day - and set preset masking noises for various daily uses. I would dearly love your feedback if you can try it out for me. It is only available on iPhone at the moment, but hope to have an Android version very soon.

"Soundcsapes by Aurio"

The idea came to me when I was actually in the gym. I had a masking noise on my iPhone and was playing music over the masker - when I suddenly found that the music was much more clear and that my tinnitus had reduced down to a level that was barely noticeable - I could have cried!. The only problem was I couldn't store the masking noise or volume and I couldn't save the music that was playing at the time!. If I cold have done that I would have found my ultimate masker!.

That is my aim - to be able to preset the app, so that when I do find the "eureka" moment again, I can quickly save the masker and the music, so that I have a "go to" saviour when days get very bad.

I would love to have your feeback and any comments from the community.



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  • Hi Jane, congratulations on the app, I've downloaded it and can see its merits. I'm probably in a bit of a minority insofar as I don't use Apple Music, I stream using Spotify so I can't overlay the masking sounds. I expect there are plenty out there who do use Apple and for whom it will be very useful. Cheers, Steve

  • hi jane i downloaded your app are the noises supposed to intermittent? They fade in out? David

  • Hi David, thanks for downloading. The noises should not be intermittent. I am working on improving the App on a daily basis, so thank you for the feedback.


  • Hi jane, when is this app going to be available for android phones?

    I use the white noise app if necessary as it has quite a few masking sounds to select from but anything new is always worth a try.

    Lesley x

  • Hi Lesley, the App is going to be available in Android as soon as we have finished the iOS testing and ironed out any glitches. Thanks for responding. I will let you know as soon as it is available. x

  • Thanks Jane, will be eagerly waiting foryou to tell me its done.

    Lesley x

  • I have an android phone but I look forward to this.

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