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Day after surgery


2 days ago I had a wide excision on my back to remove my melanoma, as well as a sentinel lymph node biopsy in my armpit. After the surgery I was rushed out as soon as I woke up and sent home with printed instructions. I haven't heard anything from anyone at the oncologists office since then. Once I get results from this biopsy I think I'll be switching doctors..does anyone have any experience with switching oncologists kinda mid treatment? I just don't feel cared about...everything has been such a whirlwind that now I'm finally starting to process some of my feelings about my care and oncology team. My dermatologist barely even did a full body screen at my initial appointment so I'm scared there are more spots they didn't even get looked at and I'll have to do this appointed over again..

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I hope you're starting to feel better after your operation and that you're healing well. I don't have any experience of changing doctors mid treatment and possibly even live in a different country, England, but I do have experience of being treated for melanoma. I was also given an information sheet after my operation. Have you heard anything by now? At the time you wrote this it was only 2 days post operation so I don't think that it's unreasonable for you not to have heard anything. There isn't really anything that the doctors can tell you yet as it takes a while for results to come back. What kind of thing were you expecting to hear about?

I would stick with the same doctor personally as they know your case. I think that after the initial heightened emotions have died down you might think more favourably about your oncologist.

Hope you continue to recover and that everything turns out okay :)

Good morning!

Yes, I switched surgeons, oncologist, and dermatologist. It’s just a matter of getting your records transferred and finding some doctors you like and trust. You could probably go on the MRF site and find some doctors in your area. Good luck to you! Robyn

From the time of my first skin exam to the time of surgery was 2 weeks. When I asked the dermatologist if I should have any more moles removed, she said she did a full skin exam and felt there were no others that warranted removal. Well, I never even took my pants off at that exam. So I scheduled another full skin check which happen to be the day after my surgery and it was with a different dermatologist. Much better experience.

My dermatologist does a thorough exam with me in my underwear. She checks from scalp to toes. I would try to find that. I also did switch oncologist after seeing one at the hospital my surgeon recommended only twice. He just didn’t seem invested. He gave a little speech that sounded rehearsed about “this is how we treat melanoma”. It was very cold and impersonal. I found a new oncologist at a different practice and I have been very happy with my choice. Good luck on your decisions and treatments.


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