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The curious incident of random selection at the airport - again.

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I had breast cancer 4 years ago and they left 4 metal clips in my breast so they can check where the cancer was, normal practice apparently but since then I've been randomly selected for extra checks every time I've gone through the airport. I'm wondering if there's a link or if I'm just unlucky or if it's just a weird coincidence. Any other ladies out there finding the same thing?

I've also noticed that the male security staff are cheerful and friendly and the female ones are grumpy and antagonistic in general, but that's just an observation.

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🤔 I’ve had a needle biopsy..but wasn’t told if this had been done, and I went on to have surgery.

When a needle biopsy is done, sometimes a tiny metal marker or clip is placed where the biopsy was taken. The clip shows up in mammograms and marks the area where the biopsy was taken. This helps the surgeon find the exact area again if you need to have more breast tissue removed later on. › br...

Yes thanks I know all that. My surgeon explained it 4 years ago.

My question is has anyone else, who has had this done, found they keep getting repeatedly randomly selected at airports? I've flown 6 times in the last 4 years and been randomly selected each time but never was before. To me it seems an odd coincidence.

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wobblybeeAdministrator in reply to BlackIsleGirl

🙂I should have added..For the benefit of those who don’t know about these clips

😕Maybe you’ve just been unlucky..but obviously as you say it would be interesting to hear if anybody else had noticed this

If you've had a surgical biopsy on your breast (or you're about to get one), you may know that your doctor uses a tiny titanium clip (the size of a sesame seed) to mark the spot

The whole point of titanium is that it is revealed in xrays but does not set off the detectors. That is why its the most commonly used internal medical product. The scanners will pick it up but even the dimmest sparked employee will be able to tell the difference between a rod holding body parts together and a weapon. › Sh...

Hi there, I haven’t been stopped YET but I haven’t flown or been on a cruise where full body scanners are used since having extensive lumbar spine surgery last year using numerous rods and screws were utilised to stabilise it. I also had a total knee replacement & patella last year too. It will be interesting ….. Border Force or whatever their new name is, may have a policy to search everyone who are shown to have implants in their body. Someone could have tried to take prohibited articles with them that were not made of iron or nickel etc that will be detected by a metal detector, I don’t know, it’s purely speculation on my part. I’ll have to let you know but I’m sure you’ll get answers before next summer!

It's probably just a coincidence but from my personal dealing with the home office/immigration/border force that sort of a policy wouldn't surprise me. Doesn't explain being patted down in Istanbul though 🤷

I've probably just been unlucky.

Hi there,You’re probably right. It might be a worldwide thing!



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