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Desperate for surgery


Hi. I am 6 stone overweight BMI of 39 with PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, mobility problems and sleep apnoea. I saw the weight loss clinic for Glasgow and Clyde 18 months ago where I was told I was not eligible for surgery as I did not have diabetes or a heart problem. Their advice to diet and follow their weight loss program. I previously did this for a year when living in Ayrshire and gained weight!!!!

I have now been working with a private dietician since February and in that time I have managed to lose half a stone which is the first weight I have managed to lose in several years. However it is not enough nor is it at a rate I am happy with.

I am desperate for surgery. The system does not allow for a referral to the surgeon directly you have to get past the nurses first who are convinced I must be doing something wrong.

Does anyone have any advice for me?


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Hello Helen,

I know the struggle also of trying to get a referral.

The only advice I may have (which I repeat from my doctor) is you have to show an eagerness to exhaust all other options that may be available to you because Surgery will only be offered as a "last resort" because it is not a quick fix and more of a lifestyle change.

I see that you have followed a few options and I am unsure if the same applies in Scotland as it does in England, but to be eligible for Bariatric Surgery you have to meet the NHS Criteria:

you have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more, or a BMI between 35 and 40 and an obesity-related condition that might improve if you lost weight (such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure).

Seeing as it has been a lifetime struggle for you also, and the fact you have Sleep Apnea, Also a BMI between 35-40, Then yes - you are eligible on the NHS for Bariatric Surgery.

Sleep Apnea is closely related to overweight individuals and has a chance to improve with weightloss. Therefore this is within the Criteria.

If you return to your GP and make them aware that you have been seeing a dietician and the current progress you've made but it is still a struggle, Also that you've been keeping up with your regular meetings to track your CPAP machine, Also mention that you have tried every diet known to mankind - Then there should not be much reason for him to refer you, Also IF they still deny the referral ask them what else they can offer to you in the meantime as a means to losing weight, Do what they ask and exhaust that option, If that doesn't work - Return to them again, Say the same again, You have tried that path - It hasn't worked - What next?..

If you repeat this until all paths have been completed and there is no major changes to your weight and views on how it can be changed, Then you have done all you needed to do and it is your doctor's turn to help you - Afterall, You have done everything to help yourself..

Sorry that it is such a long message, Just wanted to explain as much as I could. I hope this information helps, and I know it seems like it is so far away and you don't want to go through the effort of exhausting all options, But if you feel that Bariatric Surgery is your last option, Then it is something you have to persevere.

I wish you the best of luck!

Helenbolland in reply to Siannah

Hello, I just want to update you. My GP has basically said that my weight will eventually sort itself and if my local NHS weight loss centre isn’t going to send me to see the consultant then there is nothing she can do. She won’t even write to the surgeon to make a case. I’m at my wits end.