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Does anyone have any tips about fasting?

Some people say that fasting once a month is a good idea. Some people say 24 hour fast is good, others say a 3-5 day first is the best thing. And others recommend juice fasts, where you are allowed to drink fruit juice, and sometimes vegetable broth. Has anyone tried fasting and if so what were your experiences?? Many thanks in advance

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I fast regularly. Every week I fast from Sunday lunchtime, until Tuesday breakfast. Ever since I started, I have felt better, my skin has been better and I have never had nay digestive problems... I think its good to rest the digestive system, just as you rest the rest of your body...


Animals fast when they are ill. There is evidence that short fasts are good because they allow the body to heal more quickly. this is why animals fast, so they do not expend energy on the digestive system.


Time immemorial people have fasted and benefitted from fasting...


Its not beneficial at all if you are starving your body for whole day,this will only worsen the weight reducing.When you are fasting and not eating through out the day then you are slowing down your metabolic rate which is the key thing when you want to reduce fat or body weight.Fasting only helps when you are cutting the calories you take but not starving your body,it means whenever you are fasting try to be on a liquid diet,say 3-4 glasses of juice.This would not let you metabolic rate to slow down and you will be benefited more that way.


I agree with you completely. Fasts slow metabolic rate.

Vitamin Planet.


I dont think Fasting is the way to lose weight. Infact your body fears not getting food and starts storing fat. If you fast one day, the next day you over eat so it slows down your metabolism and you put on weight!


Fat Loss. Protein. Pre workout.


hiii Ganesh,

It varies from person to person. You may face gastric problems, light headedness, you may get constipated even and when it comes to weight loss you should be more energetic as you may be performing exercises your energy comes from the food you consume. So according to me fasting is not a good option at all.

Good luck


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