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Hi I'm new


Hi everyone,

I’m new to this site so I thought I'd pop on & say Hello ... my username means World's Strongest Man Fan, just in case anyone was curious or thought it meant Weston-Super-Mare.

I’m a middle aged woman with what some consider to be an unhealthy obsession (I call it passion) for Strongman - I used to compete locally, but sadly my Fibromyalgia has crushed my dreams of going pro, so now I lift heavy & dream big in my basement.

I lost 11stone between 2012 & 2014, got into lifting (powerlifting back then) & from about 2015 my health has declined & weight has crept back up, so I’m aiming to re-lose 2stone.

I eat, sleep & drink strength - I will happily talk your ear off about weights, strength, muscles, nutrition & Strongman (Stoltmans, Robert Oberst, Mark Felix, Brian Shaw, JF Caron, Oleskii Novikov & many more) & I have quite an impressive (so I’m told) basement gym.

I’m here to lose weight & help others do the same, but if I can talk strength in the process I will be an incredibly happy person.

Anyway thanks for reading. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again soon

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Seriously impressive home gym, I’m so jealous! The gyms being closed is so difficult, at least you still have a space to call your own and to zone out and get your training done! How’s are things going? I don’t have much space unfortunately, so I dismantled my dining room table, put a large judo mat down and do my deadlifting etc on that, (as my teenage daughter watches in horror from the sofa haha she thinks I’m mad!) X