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The encouragement on here has got me moving


Happy healthier new year to all ! I ditched the car took my trolley and done the half hour walk there and back to the shops I haven’t done that for a while thought I’d done at least 20 000 steps ha only 6 000 but it’s a start normally I’m a bit of a couch potatoe but you know it felt good to get out walking 😀 thank you to all on here it’s really motivating 😀

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I am only five or ten minutes from the shops, but I sometimes walk the 5km detour!

I did walk 50km a week for two weeks, but it was tooo much.

Crochethooked6lbs in reply to S11m

Wow that is some walk well done! I have to admit I’m am a bit lazy and much prefer to sit and crochet but I know I need to get healthier I will try to do a bit everyday hope I get as fit as you that’s amazing 😀

S11m in reply to Crochethooked

When I was fit I cycled 15,000 miles a year, but since then I was a disabled power chair user for half a decade until my heart started working again... when I was able to exercise... I did.

Crochethooked6lbs in reply to S11m

Wow your an inspiration!!! last time I went on a bike it didn’t go well but it was my sis bike and a bit to big I’ve got no where to store a bike at mo so just getting on with the walking but wow you are very active

Hidden in reply to Crochethooked

Thats the way crochet a bit, move a bit! Every little helps and counts.

You might find the Active 10 page on this site helpful. 😉

Well done Crothethooked,

Have a great week.


Crochethooked6lbs in reply to gman1961

Thanks Gary you to 😀


Well done Crochethooked 👏. That’s great steps

Why don’t you join us on the exercise challnges? They’re in Pinned Posts on the Home page

Crochethooked6lbs in reply to IndigoBlue61

I will take a look just watching prog on calories and exercise Chanel 5 thanks

Crochethooked6lbs in reply to IndigoBlue61

Hi sorry I went to pinned post couldn’t find it ☹️

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Crochethooked

Sorry I didn’t explain it very well 😕

If you click on the ‘see all’ button next to Pinned Posts you should get a list of all the latest ‘pinned’ or important posts, such as the Welcome Newbies post, Security Info, FAQs etc

Further down this list you will should see the Exercise Challenges, one is called ‘Time to get Moving’ where we record our weeks active minutes. The other is called ‘Kicking the K’s’ where we record the distance we walked/run/cycled swam etc the previous week.

If you keep a record you could join next Monday, RG07 will be hosting, I’ve tagged her so she can remind you if you are interested?

These are fun challnges, and the idea is to better ourselves rather than compete against others 😊


Good work, Crochethooked :) Build it up little by little :)

Crochethooked6lbs in reply to BridgeGirl

Thanks bridge girl I’m definatly getting in the zone

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