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Day one


Good morning everyone!

I felt good yesterday writing down my problem of eating disorder. It feels someone listening me. People around me who has no such a problem doesn't understand my battle. People who goes through the same will know what I am talking about. I have been searching the internet for over a year for a solution. I have tried meditation, i thought through why i am opening the fridge again, trying to find answers why i feel so weak. But I haven't find anything that would help me. I am positive about this community will help me. How you people get rid of your bad eating habits? :)

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Tiggerr10 kg

Hi Ivus and welcome.

As you probably know, there are many reasons why people eat too much and each individual is often having to find their own specific solution. It could range from eating the wrong types of food that make us want to eat more or not eating the right types of food that are going to make us feel satisfied. It could be due to emotions and I hope with your meditative techniques you can maybe deal with these better than you could.

An administrator will reply shortly with an official welcome but in the meantime, why not join in with today's Daily Diary. We state what tomorrow's menu is going to be which helps in a number of ways. It helps us stick to what we say, we get constructive feedback from everybody else and it's a good way to learn what others are eating.

If you let people see what you're eating plus how much and when, then if there's anything that may be improved, people may be able to help guide you.

Good luck!

Ivus in reply to Tiggerr

Yes this is a very good idea thanks! :)


Morning Ivus,

It just takes lots and lots of practice. You could try writing a list of reasons you want to loose the weight and leave it somewhere where you will see it everyday, think up some non food rewards for each time you loose a little weight, so something that you enjoy :)

Make sure that you remove all temptation from your house, if you can't do that because you live with others, then rearrange your cupboard space so that you have your own area.

Go to the Daily Diary - can be found in Events - have a good read through of other people's menu plans for inspiration.

Take a look at our recipe section, in Topics, or look up new recipes on line to try.

Try and think of your weight loss journey as an adventure, try new things and make it as interesting and enjoyable as you can.

Take a look at this link - you could join in with us :)

Also take a look at all that we have to offer, there are many many challenges and topics that you could join in with here, get to know and make lots of forum friends along the way, that will help to keep your mind occupied on other things, not just food :) Go to pinned posts and see what we have on offer :)

You CAN DO IT :)

Ivus in reply to lucigret

Thank you! Yes I need to make it enjoyable and would be lovely to take my mind of my snacks and food generally. I am fed up comforting myself with food.

lucigretAdministrator in reply to Ivus

make sure you incorporate full fat into your eating plan, you won't find you need to snack as you will be full :)

Almonds and macadamia are a great way of filling up also, just watch the portion sizes :)

Ivus in reply to lucigret

I eat full fat. I know a lot about nutrition and used to study biological sciences, really just should make the good choices. Where is the daily diary? Cant find it.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Ivus

You'll find it via the link lucigret sent you 😆

Tiggerr10 kg in reply to Ivus

Sounds like you might have a head start.

The DD can be found by clicking on 'Home' next to 'Posts' (when you scroll to the top of this page) and you will find it under 'Events' on the right hand side as you scroll down.

Floppy123Maintainer in reply to lucigret

I have my own little area too for food that I keep in times of challenges. Tins of anchovies and spicy mackerel, chili stuffed olives, small bags of nuts from A**i, s. Not everyone,s cup of tea but I love them and I don't tend to overeat on those as I find them filling.

In all honesty, I have hardly used my emergency cupboard but it is well stocked and there if I need it. For me planning, buying the food and taking the food out of the freezer such as fish or chicken the night before is part of the structure I use to not overeat. I absolutely love my food now I know what I am eating.

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