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Not too impressed


And so I woke up this morning feeling good after speaking with a few encouraging people on here and decided to start, even though gradually, to change my lifestyle (eating habits and a dash of exercise). I thought to myself, "You said you would weigh yourself" hoping my weight would be in or about what I weighed some months back. Jumped on the scale and I am now a blinking 117KG and for those of you who deal in stones, that is about 18.4 stones. Where on earth do I start with that kind of weight. Everything feels uncomfortable, clothes are tighter than they used to be of course.

I need help

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Better start by thinking what you will enjoy eating and doing, and leave you feeling satisfied :-) The longest journey starts with a single step...

Well done for actually getting on the scales and for being brave enough to say it out loud. Once we articulate our goals it makes them easier to plan for.

Try breaking your journey down into small steps (mini goals) and celebrating each goal reached (non-food based rewards). Such as the first couple of kilos then 5kgs then getting below 110... whatever makes sense to you. You'll likely stay more sane that way :)

Today's weekly weigh-in can be found here if you're interested...

Good luck!


Hi joewee

I thought that same thing just over 6 weeks ago and trust me I am a lot heavier than you. I decided just to find out my calorie allowance and stick to that to start with. I made very few changes to start with but am gradually changing things bit by bit. There was no way going at it like a bull at a gate and cutting all of my favourite things out was going to work for me so I didn't. My main focus was to keep within my allowance. Here I am 6 weeks later a stone and a half lighter AND I've been chocolate free for nearly two weeks now :O Thanks to a great book that I am reading chocolate has now moved on to my sometimes food list along with a few other things. Not ready to let go of my daily bag of crisps yet though. However you choose to tackle your weight this whole forum will be behind you :)

elliebathMaintainer in reply to Hidden

A great example of how to start off without feeling deprived. Good for you.

lucigretAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Great reply and well done on your weight loss, that is fantastic :)

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Hidden

Spot on.


You start in the same place as we all do, at the beginning . Just aim to lose 1-2lbs week . Expect to take a year or so but believe me that's actually a bonus because it's proven that a slower loss is more likely to stay off as our body, metabolism and our mind adjust better.

Speedy losers rarely keep it off ( there is an article about The Biggest Loser contestants if you Google it, they lost quickly and nearly all regained their weightloss in a year or so ).

Use the advice on the NHS 12 week plan for starters and stay in touch with this forum as it will support you all the way.


You have had some great replies.

You have made the first step just by being here. Just take it a step at a time, aim to loose 1 or 2lb a week. Don't try changing everything at once and most of all if you need help, shout out to us here by writing a post or asking questions on the 'what's happening thread' :)

If you haven't already, could I please invite you to read this link about internet security and locking our posts to our community.

Wishing you good luck on your journey downwards :)

Asking for help is the first step to getting help. So good for you. Many sites on here that help you on your journey such as meal planning. And there is a site to track your exercising. You can do this. Slow and steady wins the race. Each goal is a step forward. Have a great journey and I am cheering you on.

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