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hi . my friend is preg. she has nausea n vomiting. she cnt eat or drink .she cant do nothing .she has 3 kids .thy go scl. bt she cant take thm to scl .. can ne1 tel me wht she shud do . plz .shes worried .

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Can I recommend you post this on the nct group as not everyone is on this pcos group. If she is really bad I suggest she goes and see her gp as they can give something for the sickness, I was really bad when I was pregnant and I got prescribed some tablets for it, Hope's she gets better soon x

yes plz. dat will help. thnx aottt. 👍👍👍

she cant eat or drink. she has dehydration. shes in bed 24/7

can you tell me wt u did plzz. .shes so week. her midwide said call gp to refer hr t hosptl as shes dehydrated. bt tge fne is constntly bzyy. they dnt care . she gave her csome tablets. to control it bt she doesnt take thm.

Ring the gp back and say she dehydrated she been in bed 24/7 she cant eat of drink and say midwife told her the gp need to refer her to hospital x

ok i wll.thank you so mcjh 👍👍

i jus calld gp n he asked for u sample so he can isue a leter . wel take her to hsptl .cz shes sick more den 12 n 14 a day .so he said she definaty need to go hsptl .

Best place for her to be if she is really bad, I hope she gets better soon, it's such a worry when your I'll and specially being pregnant as well 🤞 for a speedy recovery x

thank you so mch .. thnx every1 ❤️❤️

yes she ll go hsptl . gp gave her sum form . she' ll hav to tk tk with her.

How is your friend doing x

hiyaa.stil same.😔😔😔she jus gave urine sample today . thdr wil call her

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