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PCOS and Palpitations?!


Hi everyone.

I’m 21 years old, and was diagnosed with PCOS at 16. At the time I was given progesterone to “protect my uterus” but it didn’t help much with anything so I stopped in the end.

I have the classic symptoms, I am overweight which I have consistently struggled with and excess hair growth. I have not spoken to a doctor about my PCOS in years now due to negative experiences before. I learnt to brush my PCOS under the carpet until I wanted to have children as they suggested to me.

However. In December of last year I began to experience quite severe palpitation episodes along with chest pain and breathlessness. It put me in hospital and started me down a long road of cardiology tests which all came back as normal. So I know my heart is okay. The problem is I am still experiencing these same symptoms, palpitations can be on a night, when I wake up, when I’m at work, especially worse after I eat something high in sugar. I am generally not feeling well but obvious tests come back okay.

Now I know this isn’t a cardiac forum, but my question is can PCOS cause such symptoms. It is the only thing I have ever been diagnosed with, the only thing I know I have. My hormones are clearly out of whack and the impact on my life has been very unpleasant and I feel so depressed.

I am due to be tested for sleep apnea due to my sleepiness and brain fog during the day, but thinking about it, could something hormonal cause this as well?

I do not follow any specific diet and probably do not eat as well as I could. I exercise quite a lot and that seems to help regulate my periods and keep that element controlled at least.

Has anybody else experienced cardiac issues with PCOS? Palpitations, pains or breathlessness? I feel so alone with my symptoms as I can’t prove how I am feeling to those around me, doctors will fob me off and tell me it’s all anxiety. I know my body and I know something feels wrong.

Thanks so much, E.M

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I have, both the breathlessness and chest pain and it seems to be worse at certain times, and I also faint, and my mother was the only health professional to check and note my pulse seems to skip sometimes. I get the same come back when I ask about getting it investigated to find out what's wrong only I often get the vibe of 'hypochrondriac' when I try to insist there's been chest issues which is a real issue trying to get anything investigated. Thankfully the fainting happened in front of 30 people a while back so the doctor is getting that investigated. Don't really have anything to offer because I'm getting the same fob off, and heart conditions/certain kinds of heart attacks in young women are generally completely ignored unless you can get your finger in an ekg and prove it while its going on and often dismissed as anxiety, despite how common they actually are. If I recall correctly heart disease can be a risk factor for PCOS but I've had these issues since I was 10.

I was diagnosed back in 2009 with PCOS.

I was told I would struggle to conceive, however I have an 8 yr old so maybe not true !!!

So from the age of 15 I suffered from sudden heart palpitations. They would be felt but nothing too intrusive, this changed at 19 when I had a severe episode where my heart rate was so rapid I thought I was having a heart attack, I was shaking uncontrollably and found it hard to breath. This continued every few months and I was diagnosed with anxiety.

I went on the Yasmin pill and all my symptoms subsided for a few years. Until I stopped taking it after worries about the safety of it.

Fast forward 8 years it started again along with more pronounced PCOS symptoms. This year I was hospitalised for a week as my heart wouldn’t slow down, I had test after test. At one point doctors suspected I had an adrenal tumour however eventually this was negative.

The one thing that links my heart palpitations is after 1-4 after they start I have a very heavy period any other time I don’t have palpitations and feel totally normal, so it’s clearly hormonal. I have also have lots of skin tags and pale complexion to the point people as if I’m unwell, I also constantly feel tired and wake up through the night around a week or so before my periods.

I recently started taking inositol every day in powder form and it has lessened the palpitations somewhat.

I’m also now on metformin and spironolactone they are helping.

PCOS is a minefield, you know your own body so keep on at the GPs, go in armed with evidence and research !!!!!

Hi E.M,

This is a late post as I saw you posted a year ago.

I was also diagnosed with PCOS at a young age. I am 150 pounds my weight constantly fluctuates, I have the excessive hair growth especially under my chin. I have had 2 large ovarian cysts removed and can go months without a cycle. I suffer from chronic migraines which could be related to PCOS.

Last month I had a bad migraine that lasted 10 days, since then I have had severe chest pain, heart palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath, arm pain. I also have had multiple ekgs and chest X-rays, a holter monitor and an exercise stress test, and a bunch of labs and all cane back normal. What o have noticed is when the palpitations first started I was about to get my cycle. I had about a 5 day grace period where I felt awesome, and now that I’m suppose to get my cycle again in 3 days I’m back to chronic chest pain, shortness of breath and heart palpitations none stop.

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