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worried for my friend

My best friend is currently 12 weeks into her pregnancy with her boyfriend's child (he is 6 years younger then her - he's just turned 20) who she's been with for about 5 minutes. She's happy and i'm so pleased for her but can't help feeling like she's making the wrong choice. She's losing her home which she bought with her ex (they were together for 10 years) and has no where to go etc to be able to give this child and has a load of debt as well. She wants me to support her and honestly I don't know if she's doing the right thing. Do you think I'm being too hard on her? I just want the best for her and honestly think she's making a big mistake as I know she still has alot of feelings for her ex where ever she admits it or not.

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People have to make their own mistakes in life, all I would do is support her, there is nothing wrong with saying you feel that her current partner is possibly a bit young to be a dad. I would say what you feel but she has to do things her way and learn from her own mistakes, sounds like she has gone into this relationship possibly on the rebound from her previous which is never really going to end well but what is done is done now especially with a pregnancy !!!

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The age of her new partner is irrelevant, there are people at 18-25 who are amazing parents. If you feel you can't support her let her know, best to be honest in these situations in my opinion.


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