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The trials and tribulations of fertility treatment when you live remotely

Hi. I'm a 30 year old woman who was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries early last year. It took a long time to get the diagnosis as I don't display any of the symptoms. I'm a healthy weight, no facial hair etc.

I have been taking menopur as a way to help me ovulate but the last few attempts have not been successful. I am on a higher dose this time round. What makes this more emotionally and physically draining is that I have to fly down to one of the city hospitals on mainland Scotland for check ups as I live on an Island. Last week I flew down 3 times! It has literally taken over my life. It is such a lonely experience and being in a small place people talk. I just lie and say I'm going away for courses for work.

I'm currently sitting in the airport now waiting to fly down again! Any support or similar stories would be really helpful. We have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years now! 😔

Thank you xx

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Goodness it is stressful enough without the extra travel you are having (not to mention the 'gossip'). You will get their in the end so try not to lose hope. It it menopur injections you are having ?? It is an emotional time anyway without the extra drugs messing up your emotions. Has your partner been tested.

One thing I hope will help keep that light at the end of the tunnel is that the one advantage of pcos is our fertility, so egg quality remains better for longer so you have years before you need to worry about the ticking clock (I was 36 when I conceived Noah, took 3 years and it was HELL) but I got there in the end.

You have nothing to be ashamed of so dont feel embarrassed if people find out, it actually does reduce the stress a bit when it is all out into the open. Fertility issues are pretty common nowadays too. xx


Hi there. It is the menopur injections indeed. I was terrified about self injecting but I don't really think about it now! 🙈

Yes he has been tested too and there are no issues his end. Think that's what makes it harder when its you that has something wrong with them but he is incredibly supportive. Thank you for the info about PCOS and fertility. I wasn't aware of that, so that gives me some comfort.

What a beautiful name! Did you have him through IVF or the menopur injections? Xx


I had him via IUI (with clomid and menopur injections which is why I thought the name rang a bell - is over 11 years ago now :-)


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