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My first gynaecologist appointment

I have just had my first appointment with the gynaecologist. I didn't get to see the doctor mentioned in my letter, he took another patient and I saw a woman doctor. I explained all my symptoms and she said it sounds like endometriosis but that I can't have the keyhole surgery due to it being risky coz of my weight. She said my hairy chin sounds like PCOS and will write to my doctor to advise that I be sent to a dietician as this will "help with my chin hair". I then had to swab myself there and then so I can be tested for STIs and I will be given a scan in around four weeks. I don't even know if the scan will show up.PCOS and endometriosis! I felt like she didn't think it was important for me to find out if I have either or these as I don't have a partner so therefore I'm not trying for a baby yet. the whole thing just upset me, maybe I'm just being oversensitive. She gave me a prescription for the mini pill too. Any advice anyone?

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Hi Donna,

My doctor was absolutely useless with my PCOS, I went and explained my symptoms then got referred to have an ultrasound at the hospital. I was told nothing then even though the doctor and the nurse were talking about the cysts. I had to wait to get another appointment with my doctor who confirmed that I had PCOS, prescribed the mini pill and sent me on my way. I then spent a few hours on the internet and found out more about it. If you go for a scan it will show PCOS as they are cysts on your ovaries, I don't have endometriosis so can't comment on that i'm afraid.

Loosing weight will help with the facial hair issue as will the mini pill. The mini pill did not help with regulating my periods, just reduces the facial hair. As I've lost weight the facial hair is reducing, it isn't gone but I've only just squeezed back into the obese range on the BMI scale as I get closer to a healthier weight i'm hoping that it stop being such a big problem. The mood swings are also reducing with my weight, the other excess body hair is not, nor is the oily skin. So I would definitely recommend chasing up the appointment with the dietitian as a starting point but to be honest I've found the support on here to be much better.



Thanks. Yeah I'm glad I'm getting a scan. I heard that the mini pill can put weight on you. Will give it a try though, anything to reduce this facial hair! It's getting embarrassing. I've found this forum really good too for support. I think the keyhole surgery will be allowed to happen once I've lost some weight x


You need to be on metformin. I just don't know why dr are so reluctant to give it as it now first line. Pcos can lead to type 2 diabetes, which I now have thanks to my stupid dr who decided that I didn't need it anymore as I'd had my family.


I have made an appointment with my usual GP to find out more about this mini pill before I think about taking it. I struggle to diet, I do well then the least little thing that upsets me sends me back to eating junk. My brother has diabetes so I would like to avoid it. I could ask about metformin, worth a try. Doctors can be so frustrating!


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