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Gluten free vegan orange marmalade cookies.

Hi everyone,

I’ve been experimenting with cookies and made these earlier today using some marmalade, which is made using a traditional French recipe with no added sugar just the sugar in the fruit so it’s very nice and it gives them an extra nice flavour.

Here’s the original recipe I just used a table spoon of marmalade and a table spoon less of sugar,

I also topped with flaked almonds as I like the extra flavour and nutrition so it’s win win and there’s no E no’s in home baked goodies.

I’ve only had one so far and enjoyed it they’re easy to make and eat…😁

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Lovely! Thanks for making me happy with your nice recepies Jerry! Night 🌌🏡

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Hey thanks for saying this. 👍

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You are absolutely welcomed Jerry 👌🥰Since1993 living in England now I have developed new tastes, English Marmalade is one of them 😁 I like Marmite, Oxo and organic peanut butter, but always get rid of the excessive oil swimming on top👌

Fish and Chips as a treat now! It's interesting how you adapt as grown up in Germany! Love Ciabata bread rolls and Sourdough bread, yum yum, but miss my German bread rolls from the baker's shop, crusty outside and soft inside! But I love my seeded malt bread toasted or not! I lived with my parents in South Germany for 10 years and the sourdough bread, home made in the village's big oven, was an absolute treat for us! It was huge 👌30 cm length by 20 cm width, oh you just couldn't stop eating it with butter and jam, delicious 😋😍

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Hey this is really good so well done for adapting to our dietary customs.

I miss freshly baked bread being a coeliac. 😊

Yum! You're going to make me put on weight with all your delicious biscuit recipes 😋😆

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LOL Beatlesforever and thank you as I love home baked goodies. 😁

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Beatlesforever in reply to

Oh yes, much better than the stuff you get in the shops 😁

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How wonderful! How did I miss these gorgeous treats 😁

I miss them too when working and to tired but we can always catch up Kitten-whiskers 😁👌😋

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Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to Snowdrops_17

Definately, when it comes to food - I do not miss much


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Hey Debs I’ll invite you round next time 😁

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Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to

I am on my way


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