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What’s your favourite vegan chocolate bar?? 😋


Here is a link to the 10 best vegan chocolate bars...Have you tried any of those on the list or what is your favourite vegan chocolate bar or chocolates 🌱


I used to love it when someone bought me a box of dairy milk for my birthday or Christmas as it was a real treat. Now I’m vegan those days are happily behind me. I do still enjoy chocolate mainly 85% cocoa which is bitter but I’ve become used to it now.

Last Christmas I received a gift box with a Vego bar in it and it reminded me of the bar of wholenut my mum used to love. I really enjoyed it.

Booja Booja are now my favourite although they are a bit of a luxury. I bought them for someone as a present recently and found it hard to part with them lol 😆

Ali 🌱🙂

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Hey great post Ali, I also love truffles and raspberries so the Booja Booja look and sound fantastic to me.

Mine is the Vego again a luxury but you get what you pay for and as well as organic and fair trade its gluten free...😁🍫

AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Jerry

Yes, chocolate and raspberry is a great combination. I fancy one of those Vego bars now. That’s the trouble with talking about chocolate, it makes you want some. I think I’ve earned some chocolate after my busy day of tree clearing 😓

Jerry in reply to Agoodenough

I think you do and maybe you should try them all...😂

I actually just like Sainsburys value dark chocolate. No dairy in it and at 50p its pretty good value.

I've replaced my daily 2 finger kitkat in my lunch box with a strip of value dark choc instead for that sweet kick after lunch 👍😁

AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Hi, that Sounds good. I’ll look out for that as I haven’t tried it 🙂

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