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I went to the Retreat vegan animal rescue today. I asked people in the village for any left over straw from the scarecrow safari so I could donate it to them. I also had some things for their charity shop. They were very grateful.

Here are some photos of the beautiful animals

Ali 🙂🌱

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Thats Fabulous Ali, I love reading about all these wonderful Animal rescue centres that crop up, it gives me such a buzz. Glad you had a lovely time 😊

AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Thank you Debs. It was great there today. Lots of people and they seem to have expanded so can help more animals....As with all these places the costs are very high and here they are £500 a day! They have a vegan cafe too!

We have another one in another town nearby but they have a cafe that sells meat! Terrible, I left a review on there trip advisor page saying how can you say you are saving animals on one hand and serve them up on a plate with the other. Doubt they liked that much but I think people just don’t make the connection!

Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to Agoodenough

Quite right Ali well done . It is hypocritical and people don't make the connection, in my opinion no one who eats meat or wears leather etc is not an animal lover, they may not be doing the dirty work but its being done on there behalf, if there wasn't a market for it, if would not happen.

I support Hillside Animal Sanctury and there cafe is Vegan - as it should be.

I had a falling out with the RSPB over them having sheep (some pregnant) culled on there reserve. Hillside had offered to take them all. They are suppost to protect primarily birds but also wildlife, thats why I was a member, and also if they have an injured bird on there reserve - they do not want to know - so I told them my opinion, I could not let it go

AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Omg. Honestly Debs these charities 😡 that’s awful.

I’ll have another look at hillside as I’m sure it’s near my sisters. Oh actually just checked and it’s 1.5 hours drive away.

Wonder if RSPB is associated with RSPCA as they get so much money and we have a cattery of theirs near us and so often they say they need more money or has anyone got any cat food as they are desperate. The CEO is creaming off over £100,000 a year so why don’t they ask him! Terrible.

We bought membership to national trust but they allow fox trailing over their land so we ended up wasting our money and never going as we don’t want to support that either. What a swizz it all is!

Good for you for standing up for the animals Debs x

Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to Agoodenough

I was not aware of that with the National Trust, I will make sure I don't visit.

I go to the Hillside in West Runtion, the one in Frettenahm isn't open much.

People have stopped donating to charity now because so much of it doesn't go where it should be. This world, its hard to make sense of anything anymore

That's so lovely Ali and what a lovely thing to do. What gorgeous animals and I bet you enjoyed your visit.

I've seen your reply to Debs about another one that has a cafe that sells meat, how hypocritical is that.

Have a lovely evening.

Take care

Alicia xx🐎🐇🐰🦛🦓🐐🦌

That looks lovely, and I'm jealous as unfortunately the sanctuary I support (The Farm Animal Sanctuary) has decided not to open to visitors at all this year due to CV19. They are normally open at weekends to pre booked visitors and have a sheep over (camping on a couple of nights) and an open day in early September - which I've had a craft stall at for the last couple of days to raise funds for them. I only do crafts for a hobby but it's been great to sell things to raise money for them and be part of the open day - so disappointed that they won't be open at all this year so I won't get to see the animals. It's about a 70 min drive from home but worth it :) There is one closer just over the border into Wales - Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary that does some open days - and they have re-opened.

I do have a slight pang of conscience about my desire to see the animals and interact with them - just wary of them becoming like a petting zoo, but know they need to raise money to care for the animals, so it's getting the balance right - I've no idea how the Farm Animal Sanctuary is going to cope without some income from the weekend visits and the open day. I'm donating some of the money I'm saving from not having to commute at the moment and buying things from their Amazon wish list or gift aiding money so the tax man donates as well :) I know a lot of people are in a difficult situation so can't donate so I feel it's important for me to try and donate if I can.


Hi That’s such a shame they are not opening as so many places are now. Outdoor markets are ideal as well. I notice some people sell things on Facebook and I wonder if you posted a few things at a time if people would buy them and then you could donate the money.

When I was earning more money I regularly helped them and bought things off their wish list but now I give less money but help in other ways like asking people if they have old towels, donations etc then I’m happy to take them. It’s only half an hour away so that’s lucky.

That’s an interesting point about them becoming a petting zoo. This one isn’t like that at all. It’s more like a farm. That hadn’t crossed my mind but it is a very valid point. Yesterday when I was there I didn’t see any visitors actually touching the animals although I know Billy the owner has a great bond with the animals.

Keep making your crafts as once it all kicks off again you will be up and running. It’s such a kind and valuable thing you’re doing.

Ali 💚🌱

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