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The end of meat?

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What would happen if meat disappeared. This film looks at the benefits of a meat free world.

I have to say I haven’t watched it as I don’t want to see anything horrible that I can’t unsee so if anyone watches it or has watched it can they let me know if it’s safe for me to watch or at which point I need to whiz it on.

The film can be watched via iTunes, Amazon Prime and other streaming and VOD platforms

Ali 🌱🙏

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Hi Ali, this is only a trailer so nothing to alarm you 🤢 Now this to me is an interesting proposition as my son asked me what a vegetarian world would be like when he was 6 and we were in the west country and I realised that the fields would be full of vegetables and rape seeds, rather than farm animals.

So this trailer misses that point with a photo of farm animals and people living in harmony, when in reality we'd end up with even more humans and far less animals.

In Holland they have massive poly tunnels full of vegetables being grown hydroponically and that makes the countryside look ugly but they can grow tomatoes and the like with very little water so it has massive potential in desert areas.

A great post and here's a youtube video about growing veg hydroponically:

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Hi Jerry, I've often had thoughts about what the world would be like without meat. Thank you for sharing the video which I will have a look at.

I'll have a look at the trailer today/tomorrow ( I have family out today). I've often wondered what it would be like meat free like how many animals would we have?

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not available in uk -yet?

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