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Domino's pizza chain to offer vegan pizza's in UK 🍕


Hi everyone,

Domino's offered a vegan pizza in Australia after overwhelming demand and they are now going to trial them in 43 outlets across the UK they're using diary free cheese from the Bute island food.

Its great that more and more vegan food is available for when people are out and about so if any of you try some, please do tell...

Photo of the Australia vegan pizza courtesy of Independent and no copyright infringement intended.

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Another good sign, maybe Pizza Hut will be next.

Pizza express already do a pizza with vegan mozzarella which I do like, though to be honest I preferred their first attempt which didn't have any sort of cheese at all on it.

JerryGuest in reply to benwl

Hi Ben, be careful what you wish they have:

I’m not keen on GF pizzabases but I think you’re right there’s some amazing alternative toppings.

benwlVolunteer in reply to Jerry

It says the bacon bits are vegan too!

I used to go to pizzahut a lot when I was younger, and before I discovered what pizza ought to taste like. But with the vegan options I might try them again.

Looks like its getting to the point where we can just assume that any chain restaurant will have vegan options.

AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to benwl

I agree with you with the pizza express vegan cheese. I ask for a vegetable pizza no cheese and I feel really bad when they get excited and say oh we now have a vegan pizza with vegan cheese and then I have to say I don’t actually like the vegan cheese and I think they probably feel like they can’t win but it’s worse than that I don’t like it, it actually makes me feel ill lol. I always go to an Italian as a last resort if I can’t find any vegan options as you can always have vegetable pizza, no cheese or pasta and tomato sauce, although neither are what I would actually choose out of choice. Pizza express do a great vegan dessert as well. 🙂


Not for me obviously, but a very welcome addition. I now wonder how long it will be before half of fast food pizzas will be non-dairy. Just think of all those lactose intolerant folks, even meat eaters who have avoided Dominos et al until now.

AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to andyswarbs

That’s true!


Fantastic, its a shame its not GF otherwise I would have popped in for a slice ....... or two

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