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Vegan gluten free date square πŸ’š

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Hi everyone,

I was out this morning and have a veg shop run by Egyptians so they have some interesting fruit and veg and keep medjool dates which are my favourites and I made these date squares,

The dates I gently cooked with some chia seeds just to soften.

I used 50g ground almonds 50g flaked almonds 150g chick pea flour 170g coconut oil soft brown sugar 70g 1 tea spoon Xanthan gum 1 tea spoon baking powder.

I spread half the mix in a baking dish covered with the dates and covered with the remaining mix sprinkled golden linseed and flaked almonds on top and baked for 35 mins 160c

As it was still warm I had a dollop of Swedish glaze ice cream with it...😊

2 Replies

This looks delightful. One of my favourite things. I’m going to have to give this a go. I love medjool dates and they are so nutritious πŸ™‚

JerryGuest in reply to Agoodenough

Thanks Ali I think my spelling is careless LOL at least the date squares came out nice. I really like the taste and texture of ground and flaked almonds with dates and cooked fruits, 😊

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