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Vegan gluten free Dumplings...πŸ’š

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Hi everyone,

Here's some dumplings I made and instead of vegetable suet I used coconut oil, they came out really well too.

I used 150g SR gluten free flour, 50g coconut oil, Coconut milk enough to make a stiff dough, 1 tea spoon baking powder, Table spoon of chia seeds, Parsley, Sea salt.

Mix to a dough and shape into small rounds, they will double in size whilst cooking and cook for about 15 mins on top of the stew.

And here's a photo pf them before I cooked them and the link shows them cooked.

2 Replies

They look delicious Jerry 😊

JerryGuest in reply to Veeee

Thank you Veeee, 😊

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