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Vegans should cut salt to reduce risk of Hemorrhagic Stroke

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let me start by saying you don't want a Hemorrhagic stroke since this is likely to put you in a nursing home!

With that said, Red Pill vegan has brought out a video arguing that people on a lower cholesterol and high salt are at risk of hemorrhagic stroke. This is espcially true for Asians livin in Asia. At the root of this is that salt causes microvascular hemorrhaging, that is it not just raises blood pressure but also damages your arteries.

The quick take-away is to move towards a healthier vegan lifestyle sooner rather than later and includes reducing salt intake. Salt is added to a lot of vegan processed foods, so move towards whole foods and you will much more likely to be safe.

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Also if you have salt, try the Himalayan pink salt as sea salt has plastic in it😣

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I buy the Himalayan pink salt and it's the only salt I use.

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