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Michael Crawford & M.E. www.

just watched a programme about michael crawford and he had to stop performing for 7 years as he had M.E. he went to new zealand to recover.

I think they said he'd just been at the peak of fitness in Barnum for three and a half years and was a few days into a new show when he took ill.

If only there could be more "known" people speaking about debilitating conditions.


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I quite agree Sandra, mind you Richard Hammond and Gordon kaye both suffered 'head injuries'. Richard Hammond also presented a program about the subject, about a year ago. I know it's not quite the same but it does raise the profile of 'brain', and therefore 'immune' conditions. Let's be fair, where the media are concerned, every little really does help.

The program on Michael Crawford was good he was, and is, an exceptional talent.

Anyway take care



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