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Bleeding nose and shortness of breath plz help


For the last 2 weeks i have had a bloody nose every time i blow it there is loads of blood on the tissue I wake up with the taste of blood in my mouth ..

After the 1st week of this me thinking its just dry heat from being in doors with heating on . I am now short of breath and feeing very tired dizzy and just very unwell. Can anyone relate to this plzzz ?

Thk you Alli

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have you looked for "Wengeners Granulomatosis" not sure if thats the right spelling. I dont have any knowledge of it, but it's worth looking it up, as I think it can affect the sinus.



I think that you should contact your doctor immediately. I was diagnosed with WG and my doctor told me that I should contact her if I feel any of the symptoms you have described.


Thk you

Will call them now but it prob wont get me anywhere as i havent had a dx yet. If the out of hours wont help i will go to hospital and get seen

Many thks x


Have you called them Nanny? If you want to call us please do 0300 365 0075



Hi Nannyalli. I have these symptoms on a daily basis, and was diagnosed some 10 yrs ago with WG. The Rheumatologist treating me takes these symptoms very seriously and I am now also seen regularly by the ENT specialist and the Consultant in the Thoracic clinic. I use 2 different inhalers a day am and pm which does help my shortness of breath. It sounds as though your GP should refer you to a Rheumatologist if they haven't already done so. Hope you feel better soon



Hi NannyAlli, sorry to hear your not feeling well, I have Wegeners Granulamatosis and that is how mine started, bleeding nose,aching joints, coughing up blood and feeling very very unwell, i could go on and on but i wont, personally i think you need to get to your GP as soon as possible and have some tests done.Hope everything turns out ok.

Sandra x


Dear All - My diagnosis is PAN, but I have lots of peculiar symptoms, and although I don't have the bleeding nose symptom all the time, it comes up quite often with a virus infection, and certainly has again recently. I also have no pulses, which is characteristic of a different kind of vasculitis, I believe. It may be that it is viral but you are more prone to it because of the vasculitis, or the vasculitis is producing it because you are weakened by the virus, which I think is true in my case.


Dear NannyAlli,

I can tell you that I have had vacuities, an 'uncategorised' type- several overlapping, in other words, and am now on dialysis, three times a week. I was pre-dialysis for about eleven years and one of the signs that I needed the dialysis was nose bleeds that were difficult to stop. Have you any kidney problems? I may be barking up the wrong tree entirely, of cause, but it might be worth checking. In any event do speak to your consultant; be persistent, ask for a second opinion, if necessary, and good luck. Please do let me (us all) know how you get on. will you?

Best wishes



Hi everyone

Thk you so much for all of your postings. Im doing ok Have a doctors appointment on Thursday But i have a question WHATS been bugging me.

I have been poorly for sometime had all sorts of tests.... But no one has gone through my medical history far far back when i was poorly with my sinus then

.... whats ANCA NEGATIVE MEAN ? ALSO GOING THROUGH MY LETTERS I HAVE A HIGH crp and white abnormal matter on my brain scan...

Is this all related to WG ? as im going to take all the info i can on thrusday and i can not keep going on like this .

Thk you again for your support Allison x


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