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Benefits and Work March 2013 newsletter


According to disabled people’s organisations who were at a meeting with Esther McVey on 28 February, the minister was very clear that not only would claimants who cannot walk more than 20 metres get the enhanced rate of the PIP mobility component but that:

“the enhanced mobility rate of PIP will be paid to those disabled people who cannot stand and move up to 50 metres unaided or aided safely, reliably, repeatedly or in a reasonable time period.”

This is, of course, completely at odds with the law, which states that people who can walk between 20 and 50 metres will only get the standard rate of PIP.

Stop press: the DWP have today withdrawn their appeal to the Supreme Court, meaning that local authorities should allow an extra bedroom for children who are unable to share because of their severe disabilities.

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Sadly, I get the impression that the Government, Ministers and DWP should perhaps get their heads together BEFORE making announcements? Or, better still, stop penalising the disabled and sick.

After this weeks fiasco in 'a Parliamentary Bar'? maybe we should ask our MPs to close their saloons? Work and booze do not make sence in Government.


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