Instructions on how to take part in the DNA Analysis Research Project... at Cambridge..... for ALL ANCA Associated Vasculitis patients

We are predominantly looking for families with more than 1 individual with ANCA Associated Vasculitis, or people whose ANCA vasculitis started below the age of 16. (WG (GPA), CSS (EGPA) and MPA.

However, there are more genetic studies ongoing, so we would be keen to enroll anyone with ANCA vasculitis. For this, we would need to know diagnosis, sex, age at onset, which organ systems are affected and type of ANCA.

Cambridge are collecting DNA, which ideally would be from a blood sample, but can be from saliva, a saliva kit can be posted out once a consent form has been signed. Please contact John and call the email "DNA Analysis Project" He will send you details on how to register for this exciting project.

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  • diagnosis- anca associated vasculitis, pauci immune, mpa

    female, age of onset ? approximately 40 but diagnosed at 57, kidneys, lungs, joints, nerves, colon, eyes, nose, ears, skin, p- anca

  • please send John an email brutus94

  • when is anything being sent out?


  • Lisa was in touch yesterday so we should be hearing any day now.. Sandra

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