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Thank you to Dr Julie Williams Translational Scientist, Welcome Trust Clinical Research Facility, University Hospitals Birmingham

Dr Julie Williams was a speaker at the 2012 Autoimmune Focus Meeting in November 2012. Julie gave a presentation to a Symposium organised by Instrumentation Laboratory (UK) Ltd. for Laboratory Managers and Diagnostic Technicians about "Not All ANCA is equal" .

Julie has very kindly dontated the £150 she received from Instrumentation Laboratory for speaking at the meeting, to Vasculitis UK.

Julie has been very supportive to Vasculitis UK and her contribution to Vasculitis research and into the role of ANCA in Vasculitis has been outstanding. Julie has also spoken at meetings for Vasculitis UK and the WestMidlands Support Group.

John was asked to speak at the meeting but unfortunately had to turn down the invitation and Julie very kindly agreed to speak in his place. There will be a short report about the meeting in the next newsletter.

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The title sounds interesting. Lookng forward to it


What a lovely gesture


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