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passing strangers

Feeling a bit low,I dialled my brother's number and a jolly person wished me season's greetings.

not recognising the voice I said "Sorry,I think I've dialled the wrong number."

quick as a flash she said

"well I haven't picked up the wrong phone..."

I actually did laugh out loud! I thanked her for cheering me up. she wished me season's greetings and we hung up.

I don't know who she was, but she changed my day by making me laugh and giving me a funny tale to share.

angels take many forms.



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What a lovely story... :-) We have received some lovely Christmas cards from complete strangers this year wishing us well and thanking us for what we are doing for people with Vasculitis..which has been lovely.... John has also been interviewed by the local paper about Vasculitis so who knows he could be in the newspaper over Christmas too...

Happy Christmas Sandra...

All the best

Susan and John xxx :-)


thankyou, and to you both for what you do

"seasons greetings!"

sandra x


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