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I had been claiming DLA for the last few years i had to re-claim before my award ran out and i re-claimed filled out the form as best as i could and now they saying im not entitled to DLA anymore. I get DLA for my epilepsy and if anything my epilepsy is worse than what it was a few years back, i totally disagree with their decision. I phoned them and told them this. I also went to my support worker and they helped me with my appeal, i wrote my appeal and posted it to them i also got a doctor to write them a letter stating that i do need help with everyday needs in and outside my home! Has anyone been in this situation before? If so are the DLA likely to accept my 1st appeal by reconsidering my claim and how long before i hear? They have stopped my DLA as of now even though my award doesnt run out until March 2013 :O. Any help would be grateful, thank you.

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If it is any consulation at all 70% of all people who have vasculitis have their appeals upheld... I have just come off the phone talking a lady whos daughter has just had her ESA stopped without warning.. what she is expected to live on I have no idea.. her mum is helping out a bit but it is certainly not fair on her mum.. I have some documentation that might help...but yes you must appeal again even if by some chance you fail your appeal this time, which I hope you do not... there is a website which is also very helpful if you pay just under £20 per year you can download any of the helpful information and forms...

Give me a shout if you want any further help

take care



Yes i am the same mine's was stopped without any warning and i have 2 kids to support and i am living on pennies and i cant work at the minute because my seizures are far to extreme and frequent to be safe in any work environment! I really hope my appeal letter and my doctor's letter is enough to see me through and they accept my appeal. I also really dont want it to go to a Tribunal ive heard its not as pleasant and takes ages to go through hence why im hoping my appeal comes through first. I really am stressed out with the whole thing. Thanks for the advice and the website info, i will have a good long read at that.



I thought you had a copy of the booklet Susan? If not, I'm sorry if I've posted the wrong info to anyone.



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