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Centre treating rare Behçet’s Disease opens at Royal London Hospital Friday November 30th

I wish the government would include all types of Vasculitis in these Centre's for treating Behcets they keep opening..... cannot understand why only patients with Behcets are treated in these clinics...and not people with other types of Vasculitis..


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The funding and campaigning for the 3 Centres of Excellence was all done by the Behcet's Syndrome Society which spent years getting them approved and which helps manage them. Perhaps there's something that can be done to link in. In fact, at least 2 of them were pre-existing clinics that have been rebadged and now supported by the support worker funded by the Society - Prof Moots' Clinic in Liverpool and Prof Fortune's in London. There are only a few clinic sessions a month. But it is a big step forward for those with vasculitis, be it Behcet's or another form.


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