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Mouth issue

Near the end of August I got a fairly bad eye infection (left eye), after a day or so my face started to go numb on the left side. A few days after the infection started to clear I had a fairly big loss of strength to my right side and my mouth dropped. I can move my mouth over to the left side of my face but when I try to mouth my lower lip to the right it doesn't move (I think it is). My GP sent me to A&E at the time but they let me home as they said they couldn't find anything major and they said they would get me a rheumy appointment. I have been seen by them who said best to ask neuro, have seen him who said that it is caused by vasculopathy (he thinks my APS is quiet and that I don't have active vasculitis and that the SLE is also quiet but that I have vasculopathy). He said it should resolved but couldn't say how long. Sorry for the ramblings about the eye but as it happened around the same time thought I should mention it even though it is different side of face.

I just wanted to ask if anyone else has had anything like this and if so how long it lasted. It isn't hugely noticeable (although the girls at work said they can tell but that is probable because I told them).

Also it's quite frustrating at times the neuro I see is really good but I find it hard sometimes that I have APS, SLE, have had an active vasculitis but that my symptoms are caused by something else. I know our diseases aren't straight forward but sometimes I want to go aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh.

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Is it just the lower part of your face that is affected? or is it the the whole of the face? do you have a problem closing your eye at all.?

If it is the whole of the side of your face including the eye and eye lid then it could be Bells Palsy and it would need treating properly and quickly...

If it is just the lower part of your face then it suggests that it is something more to do with the brain and needs investigating...

Vasculitis can affect the any change in the eye when you have Vasculitis should be checked out properly...


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