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my ent specialist.

Got to the hospital after nearly 2 hours and just in time i met for the very first time my ent specialist

thankfully my blocked ear is not to do with my vascultis, however it needs an mri scan to say just what exactly is wrong so another wait of up to 1 month. the specialist was very good

and i thought he new what he was talking about, it is so reassuring and i'm pleased i made the journey.

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How are you feeling generally Ken?


Hi Ken

Any clue as to what has caused your blocked ear?

My ENT doesn't think mine is connected but I'm sure it is!



I think that if the ENT doctor says the blocked ear is nothing to do with the Vasculitis then they should have another explanation for it.. waiting a month for an MRI scan is really not acceptable...Wegeners Granulomatosis can and does cause deafness so finding out why you have a blocked ear should be investigated sooner rather than later... delay could cause further damage... how do you feel in yourself besides the bloked ear??



I have just seen my consultant and my microscopic polyarteritis is at the moment settled. he has also said it is not to do with my vasculitis as well as ent specialist and i have to wait on a scan, what can you do its the nhs, the money is clearly not being spent on the areas that is needed. after reading yesterdays paper consultants being paid £500 a day plus expenses. they don't care that Iv had to wait 18 weeks for to see a ent specialist. I am actually okay at the moment rutiximab in july has done the trick


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