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Same day different attack

Oh the joys of vasculitis!!! you never know where the next attack will come from, I have MPA each day is a battle with my own body and try as I might to think of my body as my friend it keeps attacking me with the weirdest things, In the middle of the night I woke with a terrible pain in my right leg, my knee was burning it felt on fire,, I got out of bed took some pain relief this morning I have what feels like neuralgia ? all down my leg.. You would think that when the nerve endings were affected they would die off as they have in my feet but no the pain is dreadful, so its the docs tomorrow, God knows what she will say as I cant take any more medication or I am sure I will go into a drug induced coma. Come to think of it!!!!!!!!!!

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It is very strange all these unexplained pains... John sometimes has an unbearable pain in his foot just comes on for what seems to be no reason and he has to take pain killers (which believe me is unusual for John as his pain threshhold is big)...John has a hard pillow at night to rest his legs on and he finds it a great help as he sometimes has a burning sensation down his through his leg at night....

hope the pain improves very soon



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