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migranies mimic vas


Now this is a bit raw for me as it only happened 5 weeks agao..

My mum has suffered from migranies for 3 plus 4 yrs... Took meds for them and 5 weeks ago has a massive hemerage and passed away 7 days later.

Now im wondering if she did have migranies or were they anerisomes ?

Im asking because i ahve had a MRI and it shows i have 2 /3 anerisomes on my brain and something wrong with the bit of the back on my neck.

Now docs have asked me about relatives having this and i said no Now im wondering if my mum had vasc and never new about it...

Also when i was up with my sisters after being in the hospital for 7 days with mum i found a small pea size lump under my left armpit.

Just going to give up blabbing now !

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I have been told that vasculitis is rare with families. However that does not mean that it cannot happen. I think you have to follow through with the treatement and see what thay can do for you.

Asfor the pea size lump under your arm. Get to your GP as soon asd you can. Underarn lumps as with any lump in the breast should be taken very seriously and you should get it checked out.

All the best.


Hi. I'm so sorry about your mum. The lump under your arm could be a sign of an infection, and I agree you should get it checked out to put your mind at rest.




Hi and thk you for ur replys

I ahve the docs tomorrow about the lump so fingers crossed x


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