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Throat problems

I have wg with kidney involvement,and despite numerous tests,ive been told my lungs are fine.

however have developed this shortness of breath in my throat,terrible wheezing from my throat.

seen consultant,was told i have a virus,but just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems,it wakes you up in the night,short of breath and to be honest,is a little bit scary

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oh yes! I do have upper WG though. I have perfected the Darth Vader sounds without trying. It is scary but I find if I put my hand gently flat on my abdomen and try to slow my breathing down to count of 5 in and 5 out, to move on my hand, it helps.




I have the same problems ,have just recieved a back rest from OT local council department,hoping it will give me some relief.

I find its worse if I lay down flat..will be using it for the first time tonight ,will let you know how I get on.


There is a condition known as Sub - glottal stenosis (narrowing of the windpipe) . This needs attention and it is important that it should not be dismissed as a virus so it is important to get this fully checked it is better to be safe..



Hi quinnster

I have WG with lung involvement. I also have subglottal stenosis, which wasnt picked up when I was diagnosed. I kept telling the lung consultant I was extremely short of breath. But my breathing tests were fairly normal. I was told to go home and walk round the block for some excerise. Eventually I was referred to ENT and the narrowing of the windpipe was diagnosed.

Yes I think its best to get your shortness of breath checked out.



Hi unfortunately a lot of Drs/consultants put a lot of breathing problems down to pyschological not physical reasons. I experienced this for over 6 months. They were wrong. Please take the above advice and get it properly checked out..

Good Luck.


I have wg and get short of breath have been admitted to hospital and had scan lung function at 90% But some days Just walking from one room to another makes me breathless other days just standing. It fluctuates but get worse when tired > recently had 3 weeks were I got breathless on walking to the point of dizziness and at work sat in the call centre struggled to talk and ask question. So I guess its just one of those lovely side effects. i havent been tested for subglottal stenosis but what do the tests involve any one know?


Hi Kath

The early tests I had were fairly standard lung function which involved blowing short bursts into a mouth piece. The results were within normal range. When I seen an ENT consultant, he simply put a mirror type instrument near my tonsilitis where he could seen the trachea had narrowed. It was very straight forward. I find personally that the breathing tests dont always show exactly how short of breath I can be.



Dear Kath,

I am on dialysis, three times a week. Kidney problems can lead to fluid retention, whch in turn, can lead to shortness of breath; I don't know if anyone else hasd pointed this out before.....Sorry if they have. Hope that 'they' can help you.

Good luck anyway



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