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Marathon Blog 7 - Update and amendments!

Marathon Blog 7 - Update and amendments!

My name is Jamie Flanagan. This year I have ran in the Rome marathon and will be running in the Dundee and Berlin Marathon's (as well as the Speyside way Ultra-Marathon and other half marathons), raising money for Vasculitis UK. I am a Wegener's Granulomatosis patient and am looking forward to raising money and awareness to help beat this disease. There is a big announcement for 2013 in this blog, so keep reading! You can read more about me at my Just giving page's below:

The page below is for my 2013 160 mile Sahara Ultra-Marathon for the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation

A big thanks to everyone who has donated, you're in my thoughts during the runs!

Here is blog number 7:

It's been a quiet few weeks from me on the blog front. Having completed the Rome marathon, my energies went into getting a promotion at work! Thankfully, it paid off and I am currently in the process of moving to Scotland's capital, the land of "salt an' sauce" (they have this on their chips instead of salt and vinegar!), Edinburgh!

Excited about the big move, but trying to fit training and moving has been a nightmare. Also, I've unfortunately had to cancel my participation in the Fort William trail half-marathon due to work. What?!? I hear you say!!! Jamie cancelling a running event!?! It was hard to take, and I couldn't do it without making plans for another event to make up for it. The good thing about my new plan is that gives me a reason to head back to the Highlands for a few days (Hopefully I'll complete the run in one day though!).

I have decided to take the plunge and participate in the Speyside Way Ultra - Marathon on the 25th of August. 35.5 miles with whisky tasting stations on route. Ok, that is a lie. No tasting stations, but no water stations either thoroughly enough! 35.5 miles self aided!! Wow, it's going to be a toughie! If anyone wants to supply me with water and treats on route, I'd be delighted! Vegan friendly though!!

Training has been great this month! Managed to rack up over 57 miles in 3 consecutive days, including a 29.7 mile run. 15 miles out and 14.7 miles back! I guess I must have been cutting the corners on the way back! My longest ever run, but good to know I could do it and even follow it up with a 17.5 and 10 mile run in the 2 days after.

I hope to get my application sent off for the Speyside Ultra in the next few days. Hope there is still places Left!!

PS. Pic is from finishing the Rome Marathon just after having literately rolled over the finish line! Got some funny looks for that!

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Loved the photos on face book!

Maybe we might see you soon

Susan and John :-)


I thought the whisky tasting slow you down? :-)


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