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Marathon Blog 4

Marathon Blog 4

My name is Jamie Flanagan. This year I'm going to be running in the Rome and Berlin Marathons raising money for Vasculitis UK. I am a Wegener's Granulomatosis patient and am looking forward to raising money and awareness to help beat this disease. There is a big announcement for 2013 in this blog, so keep reading! You can read more about me at my Just giving page's below:

A big thanks to everyone who has donated, you're in my thoughts during the runs! 

Here is blog number 4: 

29/02/2012 - 17 days to Roma race day! 

I really honestly think that my left socks have been hiding or destroying my right socks! I have countless running socks, however I have a growing number of left socks and a decreasing number of right socks! So much so I have lost the count of the number of banana foot runs I've had to partake in! 3 this week alone!

Good news this week though... The big runs are all done for Rome marathon! Done a grand total of 60 miles between Friday and Monday, 17 miles being my biggest run. It was pretty uneventful in all honesty, but seemed pretty effortless apart from getting the energy to drag my sorry legs round Loch Morlich near Aviemore. Stunning views and fantastic weather for a long run!

This year will see me run in a few more marathons than I first decided. Looks like I'm going to add in 2 or 3 more. Maybe a big long trail run too. Why?.. I hear you ask. February 2013 will see me undertaking an undoubtedly brilliant run around the beach! The beach, being a 160 mile non stop Ultra Marathon around the Egyptian white desert over 94 hours. Yup, it's insane, but it's been dream of mine to do an Ultra Marathon, and this one fits the bill. Anything greater than 26.2 miles is considered an Ultra, but I want to really push myself to the limits. This will certainly do that!

The race is called the Ocean floor race, and is called so because it used to be covered by the Tethys ocean over 200 million years ago! The desert is a wonderland of over-sized mushrooms, kneeling camels, sitting ducks, dessert meringues, towering spires and insane runners... Well, not so many insane runners! I will be 1 of a maximum of 50 nut cases taking part in this event. There are still places if anyone fancies joining me?

My runs in 2013 will be dedicated to the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation. Any donation for this event will be greatly appreciated! You can read more here:

This doesn't stop my efforts for 2012 and increases the number of runs I will be participating in this year. Both charities are supporting me greatly and I hope you can support them both too. They are amazing people, running amazing charities, doing amazing things! I am in awe.

Thanks you all again for all your support.


PS. photo is me post Marathon du Paris 2009! Also, quick question... If I turn my left socks inside out, does that make them right socks?

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Hi Jamie great blog again.

I tried the links above but the Vuk one does not seem to work so I have added it again below. I am really sad that you could not run for both Vasculitis-uk and LCTF for all your runs. But I am sure there are reasons for this decision.

Anyway best of luck with all your marathons and just take good care of yourself. Hopefully we will be meeting up soon.



Hi Susan,

Glad you enjoyed it, it was the longest yet!

It is a shame I'm not officially running for joint charities, but in the run up (no pun intended) to the big run, I'll be advertising both charities. Going to be announcing a run nearer your part of the world for June shortly!

Sorry the link didn't work, it seems like office has shortened I copied and pasted it. Will fix it when I get home :-)

Looking forward to meeting you too!


All fixed :D




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