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Vascultis Lesions

Vascultis Lesions

Hi Everyone:)

Thank you all for replying to my story. I just wanted to share my photo of what my AEC doctor diagnosed as Vasculitis/vasculopathy

Been out today for the first time in a week. & im now back in bed as I'm exhausted. I explained in my first post about my lesions but I didn't show the extent of how bad they are. Has anyone suffered with these ? I had the swelling first then a rash & now they are open & some are ulcerative. My skin becomes a glistening texture before they rupture into tiny dots too huge areas of raw flesh. Help 🙁😢


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I have to say they don't look entirely typical of a classic " Vasculitis " rash which tends to be purpuric ( looks like bruising and bleeding under the skin ).

Has anyone taken a biopsy from them?


Hey Keyes, it started as purple dots. The arms & foot Is completely new but they've been there for 2months now. I've been using some dermobase & steroid cream. Woke up today & I have tiny purple dots all over my one lower limb. 😢 The big ulcer type lesions were once tiny purple dots takes weeks till they turn big & open. The doctor at the hospital said the one on the side of my leg was a type of vasculitis but the others are not. I've had no biopsies x


I would suggest a wedge biopsy if you haven't done so yet (piggyback off Keyes). I have Polyarteritis nodosa (P.A.N) very rare and I had swelling at first and then painful nodules/lesions which flatten and darken after a few days/weeks. Along with peripheral neuropathy in the lower extremities. I began to develop drop foot. Your case sounds like mine. I'm 41... The pain was horrendous and mostly in lower legs prior to treatment . I'm still currently going through treatment now. Ive read that PAN can also have ulcerative lesions as well. I wished you didn't have to wait until April. With vasculitis you have to get treated right away. My RA doctor prescribed high dose 80mg of Prednisone in October 2016. Once he prescribed the steroid my symptoms decreased and I could walk again. I was using a walker and cane for a month. I'm currently receiving Cytoxan infusions (7) and down to 15mg of Prednisone. I hope you find a diagnosis soon so you can begin to heal


Thank you Honey46311 for your reply, how you've described them is a much better description than the one I gave. I'm not sure what a wedge biopsy is but I will do some research. I'm struggling to wait till April, I'm quite emotional writing this as I genuinely can't cope with much more. The only medication I am currently taken throughout this is solphodol which doesn't touch the pain, my blood thinners.. other than that I haven't been given anything. Doctors said I have to wait till April but I'm going downhill fast. Doing as much detective work as possible so I'm knowledgeable. Can you advise me on what questions to throw at the rheumatologist? Your sounds a little like mine 😢 Bless you, I'm glad to hear you have started & continuing treatment, how are you coping? & side effects ? I walked for a few hours yesterday(Mother's Day) & I was wiped out, could of literally Of sawed my leg off. April can't come quick enough x


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