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Online IT diagnosis ? Automatic Tag- febrile convulsion?

Why is automatic tag on my BLF post below saying febrile convulsion ? Does it know my late Mother & Father [ pharmacist] had same dental , rheumatic problems .

The system says my Late Mother had multi infant dementia which she had severely [ not diagnosed assessing wrongly I wonder why? ] after polymyalgia rheumatic diagnosed but wonder whether it could have been be GCA [ complication] or vasculititus [ central nervous system?] as she couldn’t communicate She had very sore eyes, could n’t swallow or speak with cognition at nearly nil. It was as bad as Cancer probably worse.

I too can’t get referral or second opinion on?

Even when I have paid an -expert in consciousness- Professor informed I had an abnormal EEG since spina bifida occulta seen in 1969 re utis acute 3 weekly & spasicity spinal spasms causing a problem till predisnone given for virulent vertigo stroke symptoms TIA ? Did the A&E do Tests? Not even when Sepsis!The Drs , contracted in to Walk Ins have said their hands are tied apparently.

Because of no treatment for heart failure except angioplasty when cardiac arrest 10 yrs ago why has oedema become lipo-lymphoedema then there is no provision even in private sector .Could this be that because treatment is laser liposuction cosmetic again it ignored because of sedation?Have I to be hoodwinked again by Prague saying will do then with anaesthetists contracted in not wanting risk get you there then refuse ??!!.


70 yrs - What is going happen regarding the replacement of my front teeth when wanted implants & sedation due to excruciating pain from injection when gums inflamed & thin [ congenital?cellulitis] My oxygen saturation levels when sedated fall below 85 . I will even contribute to cost .

This has been ignored by NHS only using questionable tests not symptoms multiple to refuse assistance - diuretics ? Dental sedation & plan as designated by NHS Constitution ?

The dentist who does my implants ,is also an anaesthetist, but is unable to do as says with my oxygen saturation levels as such he is not allowed by law [ insurance company?] to do ? The NHS refuse to address the Telecare issues either by letting corporate administer dangerously - not waking up?

So why are the Dental [ Centres of excellence?} ignoring the restorative pretending cosmetic .

Why will the anaesthetists not want the risk even in Prague .Could they be being directed by the Insurance companies who know there is risk when NHS ignores/discriminates? pretending nothing wrong ?

Even though had an MI cardiac arrest 10 years ago revived with an angioplasty why am I being left in limbo since most dentists went private .

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I think it is best to talk to someone one to one , I should contact the VUK helpline either by email or phone


I have to no avail .Can't get referred via NHS & private pretending asleep problem?


Why can you not have a referral via your GP? Do you live in Wales? Have you spoken to Lynn? Via the helpline?