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Chest infection?

Hi I have GPA and have been taking mychophenolate and5mg Prednisolone for some years now. I had a spell in hospital just before Christmas with worsening cough shortness of breath and a very audible chest wheeze. The doctors said my symptoms didn't 'add up' to the amount of infection evident on X Ray and blood tests. CRP was only 11. They thought it might be related to Wegeners. They increased the 30mg of Pred I had been on for a week to 40mg which gradually did the trick. Lung function was normal.

Just wondered if anyone else had experience of this and if it could be related to GPA

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I have GPA and am on methotrexate and am reducing prednisone, currently on 5mg daily.

I regularly have chest infection symptoms but no or little infection found. My oxygen is 98% and crp is 15 (was 56 a year ago).

I do get recurrent chest infections and am learning to distinguish between my gpa wheeze and the early onset of infection, i go to gp who prescribes antibiotics when i 'get squeaky' or 'musical' lungs. I do suspect that I have a small infection at base of lungs that just doesn't go away. I have had several x-rays done to check lungs.

I have just finished course of antibiotics as had really bad infection over Christmas & new year but feel like it has got better but not cleared. Going out in cold air causes me to cough alot.

I would add that my heart rate at rest is 110, had scans, ecg etc but no problems with heart found. Rheumy has asked gp to do another ecg and keep eye on my heart rate but no-one knows why it races along, this causes me to be breathless when walking etc.


My heart rate goes up if I have an infection - anywhere. About two and a half years ago it was racing along at much the same rate of yours, but my GP couldn't find anything to explain it. Then I went to the dentist with a lump on my gum...there was the infection even though I'd had very little pain. Two root canal fillings were done and then my heart rate dropped and has been in the 65-75 range since. It''s probably a bit more than, but one of my many pills now is a beta blocker! Now I use my heart rate as a useful monitor, and start thinking of an infection if it goes up. It might be worth another check up? You must get so tired if it keeps going that fast.

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I was on propranolol (beta blocker) a while back which brought my heart rate down but I kept fainting so they took me off it.

I've had all my teeth checked and am mid root canal & crown.

Dont notice being tired, I keep busy, rest when I have to. I'm lucky to have understanding boss (I work part time) and family. Hubby and eldest son help alot especially as my youngest is mildly autistic. Life is full of challenges.


All sounds similarAllyGy2013. I wonder what's going on and if there's a connection to GPA. I'm seeing my vasculitis consultant Thursday. I will let you know if they can shred any light on what might be the cause. Good luck with your tests.

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Wishing you well AllyGy


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