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Sjogrens and pulmonary fibrosis. Several painful vasculitis episodes and planters facto of left foot with hairline fractures of the metatarsals. Sudden loss of smell over 8 months ago plus left eye headaches. I also have numbness especially of my left foot especially from the ball of my foot to my toes. They feel like their not mine. My internist ordered an MRI of my brain with contrast. What do you think is going on?????

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Hi Muffinhead,

We aren't experts in Sjorgens syndrome so it's difficult to comment about that. I am unsure what you mean by " painful Vasculitis episodes "

If you would like some advice about Vasculitis then you can phone or e mail the VUK helpline.


Best wishes



Dear Muffinhead,

I too am not too sure about this condition. I'm unclear whether, or not, you do actually have Vasculitis as such. I know that it IS a 'minefield', out there, and I'm sorry that you are so unwell (really I am), but without a bit more information it is difficult to comment further.

Once again, sorry that you are feeling so bad.

We all send you are best wishes, I'm sure of that.



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