Great day

Had a fab day today with my boys 8 and 13 we went to see the new Star Wars film, I saw the first one when I was 8, we were all so excited booked IMAX 3D well worth it early Christmas present.

I'm still buzzing afterwards what was great was I did something!! It's hard to physical things as you all know with this illness, but today we three sat down and watched a movie together. And what made it great was they knew I was a big Star Wars fan so they wanted to be a part of the whole experience. Have a great Christmas everyone and there's always a way to have a great day !!

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  • Good for you - great to do normal things isn't it....,,

    Have a super Xmas...,,

  • Have a brilliant Christmas with your boys Garyork. Such a lovely and positive post, thanks for sharing.

  • HO, HO, HO, have a good one!

  • I went to see Star Wars yesterday and it was great. I also saw the very first one - and every SW film since then :-) - in fact l'm such l sad (Star Wars) case, as in 1977 l actually dragged my brother - who was 11 at the time - to come with me; l'm 13yrs older than him and as they say "Do the Maths"!

  • Just a guess...but even without doing the maths, I reckon you were born in 1952?? ;-)

  • Well, you could just be right there. :-)

  • I saw the first one too and want disappointed in this one either lol., Great to hear of a positive achievement it often takes a huge effort for us to do every day things -,well done!

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