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Sinus problems

Hi all. I have a diagnosis of SLE/UCTD and am also beginning to experience some Vasculitic type problems. I have just had a CT of my sinuses to see if these can account for some intermittent blurry vision, ptosis and swelling of my left eye with associated crashing headache of the left front of my head/eyebrow area. Can anyone shed any light on what they might see on the scan if it is related to the auto-immune disorders?

Thanks for reading. Clare

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Hi Clare my doctor went through the scan with me

The sinuses should be filled with air and shows up black on the scan. Any lighter area are fluid etc. Basically they can see if you have anything in your sinuses that shouldn't be there. Good luck x


Thank you, Mooka. I've waited over 2 years for a Doctor to suggest scanning my eye and that part of my head and I really hope it shows something that can account for the fluctuating symptoms.

I wonder if the scan will show anything if performed when the symptoms are quiet? Still, it's a start. . . .

Thanks again. Clare


The scans look detailed even to me. I guess it depends if there's anything to see on your eye. I was lucky enough not to have that problem. I hope you get some answers as often not knowing is worse than knowing. X