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My chest is tight and I feel put of breath

I was diagnosed with lupus about14 years ago. Two years ago I got pregnant with my 2nd pegnancy but lost it at 3 months due to a flare. This flare left me hospitalized with no mobilty from my neck down. After weeks of revovering I regained mobility but I was left with and still is fighting spaticity. I also battle with my chest feeling tight and shortness if breath. I am soo stressed. Im a mother of an 11 yr old and im trying so hard to cope and be happy. If u can relate please let me know

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Sorry you've had a hard time.

I can certainly relate to shortness of breath. I always thought cold months would be the worst as infections are rife but the heat of summer makes it difficult to breath and taking a deep breath is an effort. I get tightness across my chest and pain in my lower ribs on taking a deep breath. I am overweight and that doesn't help but exercising to lose the weight is nigh on impossible in this heat.

I take ventalin which does help to alleviate the chest tightness and makes breathing less of a battle of wills. Last time I saw my GP I had taken my inhalers before I went and he said my chest sounded really good, previously he had called it 'musical' and 'squeaky' I tried to explain that this was due to the inhaler helping but he didn't give me a repeat for it so I will run out if I'm not careful, but I am due to see him late July/August so will not take it before I see him and he can hear the difference!

I also cough alot first thing in the day as fluid seems to collect in my lungs/tubes during the night and I need to clear this, it's not terrible but just annoying.

I have an 8 year old son who is undergoing assessment for autism/asphergers and he is being horrendously bullied at school. I witnessed what I can only describe as a pack of wolves attacking it's prey on Friday and the prey was my son, the wolves his classmates, needless to say my heart went out to him and I feel helpless as school should be a safe haven for him to enjoy but I spoke to the teacher and will tell the headmaster - again! It is so hard to cope with the added stresses in life and to stay positive sometimes. I am sure my son misses out on some things but I try to compensate in other ways- arts and crafts and cake making etc when getting out and about is difficult. There is guilt at what is happening - of course there is - I'm a mother, we always feel guilty but as a family we find other ways to have fun and picnics at the park or a walk on the beach, watching the bats fly at night, seeing a sunrise or sunset can be just as rewarding, sometimes more so!

I do tell my son when I can't do something or I feeling down or sad, honesty is the best policy, he then knows to not hassle and back of a bit if he's after something that I just can't provide at that moment. i tell him that we can do whatever it is when I feel better/able and we write it down on the kitchen wall chart so we don't forget.

He wants to visit Herm and Sark (I live in Guernsey) this year so we will during the school holidays but will have to choose the right days to do this. We have something to look forward to without planning the exact day it will be all the more exciting when I tell him what we are doing the day I am up to going. It's on the list so he knows it will happen so won't hassle me too much and I make sure to keep my promises.

I count my blessings each night and find three positives to focus on, whether it is attending a function such as sports day, or cooking a really nice meal, meeting/talking to a friend etc. focussing on the small achivements helps me.

Sending you positive thoughts,


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Where are you treated for your Lupus, if you do not mind me asking.



Hello Prayer100

If you have shortness of breath and dizziness over a sustained petiod of time I would go to you doctor and ask for it to be checked. I had these symptoms over several years and it was heart failure. Best to get your heart checked because it could simply be because you are stressed or something else.

Good luck!


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