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Possible vasculitis overlap?

Hi, I am new to this site but have a question to which I can't find an answer on Google. After a long history of UCTD/SLE, I find my symptoms are changing and are now looking possibly more akin to vasculitis. I am aware that there is a great deal of overlap with lupus but I would like to know if vasculitis is worth investigating if all blood markers are absent. I have low C3C4 but little else of note. Hope some-one has some thoughts. Many thanks, Clare

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From what you have said above Clareb67 I would say Vasculitis is well worth investigating, if you want to write to John please do.. he may help with some advice..



Thank you for those details Susan, I certainly will email him. Regards, Clare


I can only echo, what Susan has said Clare-please do get 'things' checked.


Thank you for your thoughts. If I have had all the antibody checks done and they are negative, I'm not sure what other checks can be done but I shall certainly flag up my concerns to my Rheumatologist at my next appointment. Best wishes. Clare


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