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Web resources for those interested in taking part in medical research

The NIHR are actively trying to encourage patients and the public in general to take part in clinical trials. Here are a few links for those who might have questions about or who are interested in taking part in medical research.

The NIHR have a new initiative called "OK To Ask" that is trying to take the mystery out of clinical trials and to help people understand exactly what medical research is all about. They have a website here :

The NIHR also have a lot of useful information on clinical trials and how to take part in them :

They have a "UK Clinical Trials Gateway" here that allows you to search for clinical trials that you might be interested in. It's a bit like Google for medical research !

From a slightly different angle they have another website here for people looking for opportunities to be involved in working in clinical research :

Finally there's the INVOLVE organisation (funded by the NIHR) who support people interested or currently taking part in clinical research :

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Dear RichardE,

I have just had a 'check-up', at Addenbrooke's Hospital; I have an 'uncategorised (so far anyway) ANCA Vasculitis- several at once actually. They are pretty 'on the ball' as I was, seriously considering, asking about joining the 'Research Program', that you 'posted' about....when they asked me! so I am now fully 'signed up', as it were.

Please do continue to encourage people, to take part- as I will.

Thank once again



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