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Hey guys,a quick hello to you all

Hey guys,a quick hello to you all and to introduce myself; I am the new Vasculitis UK Shop coordinator.

Just a small update to the Shop for this year, we have launched a new 2014 Vasculitis Awareness T-shirt (in black and pale blue) and an awareness pack - Quality cotton shopper, trolley key ring, pen and a to-do list. All in preperation for the Vasculitis Awareness Month (May!). Makes any shopping trip easier

Head on over now to and make an order today Or any questions,message me xxx

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How much?


Hi, they are £6 plus £2.80 postage. They're not advertised in the shop anymore but if you'd like one just pay via paypal and email me ( link on shop) what you'd like. Kind regards, Lucy. X


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