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i am finally kicking my flare ups into touch!!!

my mum sadly passed away 2 weeks ago and with the exception of a handful small hives, i was pretty ok under all that stress. We then decided to scatter her ashes up on the south downs. I managed to get up there...even though i had to sit down 4 or 5 times (it was a really hot day too that didnt help)

Now ive started walking 4 miles a day. Ive only got 2 hives and im on 4mg a day. Feeling quite good and the fatigue isnt there as much...

so fingers crossed i can keep reducing so i can finally get off these flamming steroids

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oh I am so sorry about your Mum lucinda, you have my deep sympathies.

I lost my lovely Mum 5 years ago this week. I still miss her. but the happy memories are always there. what's your mum's name? my mum's was sarah ellen.

how lovely to scatter her ashes on the beautiful south downs, was that a favourite place?

remembergive yourself time to grieve in your own way - whenever you feel you want to.

don't let anyone tell you "enough", it's how you feel not them.

I used to love going out for a walk, it can improve more than just physically, I found it relaxing and uplifting too.



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