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Back in the Gym

14 months after diagnosis (MPA), I have made it back into the gym - OK i can only do about 40 minutes and the programme is for a 90year old (I'm 37) but its a start and I feel I am still fighting. Recently I had lost my fight and found myself saying things like 'this is it, I have to accept it'. I cant accept it so by building up my strength slowly I feel I am still fighting. Who knows it might help with the Steroid hamster cheeks!

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I know it's hard sometimes but never give up! Well done.

Accepting the limitations of the disease is one thing - giving in to them is something else entirely.

Let us know how it goes and whether those hamster cheeks get nicely trimmed down.


Well done - I know how you feel. Going to the gym has kept me going. Some advice I was given because I was so intent on trying to lose the weight I'd gained on steroids was to try and build up muscle rather than doing lots of aerobic exercise. Take it easy though



It would be great to know how u have been advised to build up.muscles? I've put on roughly 2 stones in 3 months....and I'm just getting depressed! My steroids cheeks are REALLY bad. Can't even recognise myself! Although I have gotten a little used to it now. Consultant advised me to expertise....but I'm.not sire how...a) I.can't even walk.far or on my own let alone jog or run. B) when I.swell.I just can't seem to move.

Was thinking of swimming...but scared if I won't be control my breathing or I won't be able to float....

Diagnosed and left hospital in April.2013 with GPA formerly WG



thanks, AllyGY2013 and Katie18, been again this morning - loving it, but only going on good days ;-)

rrahman, give yourself time, i am a year after diagnosis, and only now am I ready, I tried to go at christmas but it wasnt right I had uncontrollable cramp. Its the right time now, but I take it very slowly. I have put 2 stone on, but as my lovely friend told me 'its not you thats put the weight on, its the medication and the disease' so dont beat yourself up. Rest now and fight internally and then when you are ready find something you are happy doing, I started doing the dog walks slowly and gradually just got a little further and faster. If you do go to the gym be clear what you want - I didnt want weighing/ body fat measures, I told them I would only do 30-40 minutes at a time and I signed up for 20 sessions rather than by month so that if I dont feel up to it I dont feel I am wasting money. Good Luck and remember you are at the start but it will get better. xxxxx


It's good to hear positive mail, this time last year I was doing aqua aerobics x2 a week and personal trainer once and gym either one or two times on top. It was during this time that noticed shortness of breath and joint pain, struggled on until totally unable to do anything which was late October 12, eventually diagnosed with MPA in January this year. Am at the point of wanting to test the waters again so as to speak....I agree a gently gently approach is needed. I get tired a lot quicker than I use to, so don't want to set the Bar too high and then get disappointed. Suppose the old adage "little and often" comes to mind. Thanks for the push will start back.


Go for it ... Gently, but don't expect to do as much as before.


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