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New Device

Hope the weather is going to be kind for all of us this Bank Holiday!!.Just been reading the Daily Express,interesting article on page 18 regarding a new device undergoing clinical trials,and could be in use by the NHS as early as next year ,apparently can detect almost any disease in just 10mins and then advise on the best drug to use.Hope this will eventually be of use to some of us . ( It,s called a Q-POC machine ).

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Well that would be excellent, and great if it works. I look forward to the day.

Just hope the NHS don't spend £m on it and find it doesn't do the trick for those "almost any diseases" which fall into the category "almost any disease as long as it is diseases that everyone has heard of and not any with funny names". (lol)

Me a cynic - nah !



Quite agree, my biggest surprise was that it didn,t add " should be available in 5 to 10 years, I,ve given up on the amount of times I,ve read that cliche'.


Is this the article Jack ?


It seems to be targetting cancer and infectious disease diagnosis at the moment. I've not studied it but it sounds like it does some sort of DNA analysis on tiny tissue samples. This might not be much use for Vasculitis until we get more results from research into the genetic makeup of the disease. But very interesting nonetheless.


Hi Richard, how do you do that, I,m useless with links and the likes and pretty useless with a laptop, just about manage to "write " anything. Yes that was the article although wasn,t as extensive as your link, no photograph, I really should get someone to show me how to get "links",still as an "old un " perhaps I won,t. Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine at the moment, thats if you,ve have any.


Google is my friend ! That and I spent many years working in IT regularly hunting down information via the internet. So it does come quite naturally to me now. But I suspect you're better with technology than you let on :)

It's clouding up a bit here in Yorkshire now but still dry. Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday,



You know the saying 'Don't count your chickens' well I was just wondering.....Or am I being too cynical?

Sorry if I am! AndrewT


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